Access & return

From the Gräfenberg and Weißenohe train stations there are arrivals and departures at hourly intervals – more frequent Mondays to Fridays.
In addition there is a bus along your hiking route from May 1st until November 11th – on Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays with the so-called “Trubachtal-Express” (line 229). All year round line 226 drives along the route.

!!! Please note: line 226 at some times of the day operates as a call-and-collect taxi service. Passengers have to announce their request in advance – at least up to one hour before the scheduled time or a day before. All information is provided when calling up such a connection on the VGN page.
Despite the schedule there is no regular transport available after 8.16 pm coming from Thuisbrunn!
Please be aware of organising your transport back home in advance of your stay.

Local taxi companies offer additional transport from or to the train stations:
Taxi Kutschka in Gräfenberg, phone Nr. 09192 994055
Availiability and tours usually until 10 p.m. Please take into account that due to dead spots in the region the drivers sometimes are out of reach while they are on their way. Please then ring again after a short while.

Full information about schedules of trains and busses:

Train “Gräfenbergbahn R21”
Nürnberg-Nordost – Heroldsberg – Eschenau – Gräfenberg    CALL UP

Bus line 226  – sometimes call-and-collect service on demand
Gößweinstein – Egloffstein – Thuisbrunn – Hohenschwärz – Gräfenberg    CALL UP
Never heard of call-and-collect buses? Here`s how it works: Anrufsammeltaxi – AST (call-and-collect-taxi) or RUFBUS (bus-by-call)

Trubachtal-Express Bus line 229
Gräfenberg – Hohenschwärz – Thuisbrunn – Egloffstein – Gößweinstein    CALL UP

For full English information about Fünf-Seidla-Steig in combination with getting there you can also call up the website of VGN


Please note, that at times of heavy traffic along the route e. g. “fathers` day” (Ascension Day), Easter or Whitsun there could be a shortage in the bus transportation system (“Trubachtal-Express”). Groups of more than 6 should definitely advise the transport operator in charge) of their plans/needs, such as number of people, bus stop for starting and scheduled time via the beside link.

Groups more than 6 please use the following contact to announce your request for Trubachtalexpress (line 229) and line 226 online: GROUP BOOKINGS

Bus operator:
Schmetterling Reise- und Verkehrs-Logistik GmbH
Bergstraße 20, 91286 Obertrubach

By car:

You will find parking spaces all along the route at different hike car parks. Here they are shown on a MAP. From the south (Nuremberg) or north (Bayreuth) you will travel by the federal road “Bundesstraße” B2.