Getting There

From the Gräfenberg and Weißenohe train stations there are arrivals and departures at hourly intervals – more frequent Mondays to Fridays.
In addition there is a bus along your hiking route from May 1st until November 11th – on Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays with the so-called “Trubachtal-Express” (line 229). All year round line 226 drives along the route.

!!! Please note: line 226 at some times of the day operates as a call-and-collect taxi service. Passengers have to announce their request in advance – at least up to one hour before the scheduled time or a day before. All information is provided when calling up such a connection on the VGN page.

Full information about schedules of trains and busses:

Train “Gräfenbergbahn R21”
Nürnberg-Nordost – Heroldsberg – Eschenau – Gräfenberg    CALL UP

Bus line 226  – sometimes call-and-collect service on demand
Gößweinstein – Egloffstein – Thuisbrunn – Hohenschwärz – Gräfenberg    CALL UP

Trubachtal-Express Bus line 229
Gräfenberg – Hohenschwärz – Thuisbrunn – Egloffstein – Gößweinstein    CALL UP

For full English information about Fünf-Seidla-Steig in combination with getting there you can also call up the website of VGN


Please note, that at times of heavy traffic along the route e. g. “fathers` day” (Ascension Day), Easter or Whitsun there could be a shortage in the bus transportation system (“Trubachtal-Express”). Groups of more than 6 should definitely advise the transport operator in charge (Reisebüro Josef Klemm GmbH & Co. KG) of their plans/needs, such as number of people, bus stop for starting and scheduled time.

Groups more than 6 please use the following contact to announce your request for Trubachtalexpress (line 229):

Josef Klemm GmbH & Co. KG
Friedhofstraße 21
91320 Ebermannstadt
Tel: 09194 722780
Fax: 09194 4508

By car:

You will find parking spaces all along the route at different hike car parks. Here they are shown on a MAP. From the south (Nuremberg) or north (Bayreuth) you will travel by the federal road “Bundesstraße” B2.